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Exercise is just one piece of the puzzle to obtain better health. The food we eat and the health products we use on a regular basis are equally as important, not to mention our daily activity levels. The problem is that the conveniences and demands of our modern society are preventing us from reaching our health & fitness goals, and beyond that, literally killing us from chronic medical issues. Let me share a scary statistic with you – for the very first time in history, we’ve hit a tipping point where the life expectancy of the current generation is now shorter than previous generations.

      The information I provide here is to help all of us make more educated decisions and changes. I will be honest and say that it’s overwhelming at first. What most of us have considered being normal, healthy, and even safe health practices are the furthest thing from the truth. I suggest starting your re-education by just watching a documentary or two, and making just one change a week based on what you learn. Those little changes will add up over time and maybe even influence others.

      It’s very easy to complain and shift the blame about what’s wrong with your health, or even the world for that matter. It’s much more difficult to take responsibility and realize what we need to do to instead of complaining. We need to take control back ourselves. This all may sound a little melodramatic, but even with the simple decision of what you have for lunch one day can have an impact you never imagined. It goes well beyond just our health.

Whether you want to lose weight, battle a disease, improve your game, or simply be happier,

The answers are all here.

There are no gimmicks or fads – just knowledge and hard work. Happy Studies!

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Health & Nutrition Videos

These can commonly be found on video streaming/rental services like Netflix or Amazon Prime.  Some can even be found on YouTube.

Sedentary Lifestyle Information Websites:

Do you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, or remain sitting for hours at a time? Read about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle below. Get up and move!

Just Stand!

Women’s Health Sedentary Lifestyle Hazards

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