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We’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their fitness goals.
Allison K.

“I will never have enough nice things to say about Tracy and Heavy Metal Fitness. I’m in the last stretch of this surrogacy journey and being 34 weeks pregnant is just not much fun in general. Plenty of days I feel tired, weak, and overall crummy… but then I get to see Tracy and she constantly reminds me how strong I still am. 3rd trimester deadlifts, even with the reduced weight of course, make me feel like a complete and total badass. Tracy genuinely cares about me as a person and a client.”

Joanna G.

“Thank you for everything you have done to support us on this journey to parenthood! We are so thankful for the opportunity to work with you. Our lives have completely changed for the better since we started! Your guidance, support, and encouragement has been so appreciated – not to mention we have so enjoyed being around the great, fun people that you are! Everything was so practical and well-thought out as we prepare for the big day.”

Jessica R.


“I absolutely love training with all of the trainers at Heavy Metal Fitness, but I want to shout out Trainer Tracy, who I have been working with from 6 weeks postpartum until 39 weeks pregnant! She is certified to train pregnant clients and I have had the best experience working with her.”

“I would have never been able to stick with working out throughout my entire pregnancy without Trainer Tracy. Not only was she so knowledgeable about what is okay and not okay to do, she diligently watched and corrected to make sure I was working out safely for me and my baby. Tracy constantly would check in with me and helped me listen to what my body needed each workout. She was extremely patient when I wasn’t feeling my best, but was ready to go on the days I was ready to work!”

“Through the nausea, fatigue, and every ache and pain, Trainer Tracy gave me the best possible experience to keep up my fitness routine when my body was already going through a lot. The genuineness and care really showed through each workout. Labor and delivery even went fast! I can’t wait to get back to Heavy Metal Fitness once I’m recovered and cleared to workout!”

Gary K.



“I reached my maximum weight of 285lbs in the late 90’s and decided to start dieting and exercising. I did it the wrong way and starved myself – only eating salads and skipping both breakfast and dinner. I joined a gym and worked out with a co-worker several times a week. Though I did lose over 100 pounds over a year’s time, it didn’t last. I slowly went back to my old ways and gained most of the weight back. In 2006 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and put on medication. In 2010 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I didn’t want to take more pills, but eventually needed additional medication, even with some dieting and exercise. Things stalled until I moved to Indiana in 2016 and started at the best studio in the world, Heavy Metal Fitness! Unhealthy habits of the past caught up with me though, and I had a heart attack this past March due to 100% blockage of the LAD artery and 99% blockage of the RCA artery requiring 3 stents. (All that time I thought I had bad heartburn.) Now thanks to my doctors and training with Bob & Larry, I’m on the mend and have reached a weight below 200lbs that I haven’t done in decades!”
Lola C.

“Thank you Tracy & Bob so very much for the years of knowledge and help that you both have given me. I am feeling prepared to continue my fitness journey, and I am so grateful to have had time with you, my awesome trainers, who I will miss so much at college!”

Anna K.

“Friendly, clean and such fun place to work out! Bob and Tracy are experienced and highly knowledgeable. Have been working out worth them for years and each session rocks! Highly recommend!”

Pawel G.

“Great place, very knowledgeable trainers, very friendly and a great approach to working out. Love this place.”

Joseph P.

“This fitness studio is awesome! Bob and Tracy are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and it’s clear that they are passionate about helping people. I also love their ‘functional’ approach to fitness. Nothing boring about this place (or the owners!) Highly recommend.”

Melinda R.


“I want to give a shout out to my personal trainer & friend, Tracy! We have been having sessions via Zoom weekly (since being quarantined). She knows how to push me to keep moving without over pushing me. She listens when I say I am unable to do something at that time & it’s just great to work with during this process for me. Thank you for your support, Tracy! I’m trying to stay as active as I can….I try to do yoga a couple mornings a week & if I’m having a good week I get a few minutes on the elliptical. Staying active, keeping hydrated, trying to get as much rest as possible and just overall listening to my body! These are all great ideas for everyone!” 

Joe L.

“Great Place! Bob is awesome to work with!”

Jordan M.


“My plastic surgeon is happy with my weight loss progress and my exercise routine. She said the stronger and more in shape I am, the easier and faster I’ll heal after surgery. So I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Tracy and Bob for their guidance and support in getting me there.

I have lost 26 lbs and counting with the help of Bob and Tracy. If you’re looking for personal training, I would highly recommend Heavy Metal Fitness (and no it’s not because of the name or because they understand my love for Marilyn Manson💍🤣) Bob and Tracy are the kindest people. They really care about and support their clients and their goals. Whenever I do an exercise that is focused on the chest area, the first thing Tracy says is ‘is there any pain or discomfort?’ Her caring about my well-being and the possibility of pain even almost 6 months after surgery speaks volumes about her character and knowledge as a personal trainer. She knows my limitations and will always give me alternatives to certain exercises if I feel they’re too much strain on my chest. Every time I work out with Bob or Tracy, I immediately feel like I’m in a non-judgmental, fun, and relaxed atmosphere.

As if I need another reason to love them 😂 I used to dread lifting this 40 lb bag of salt but I just carried it into my house so easily without a struggle. 🙌🏼”

Victoria P.

“Bob is great and the atmosphere is awesome.”

Amir A.

“Bob is amazing! This gym and the program will get you in shape.”

Andrea W.

“This studio is amazing. Trainers are professional and push you in a healthy, positive way. The studio is very clean and organized. Plus great music! Have been training here for a month and am already seeing results. Highly recommend!!”

Rachel N.


“I’ve always wanted to get in shape. When my sister in law asked me to go with her I was all in. After our first 15 minute trial we were sore for 2 weeks and we were hooked. In just 2 weeks we started seeing muscle definition we didn’t have before. It’s been 2 years now with a wedding and a baby and Heavy Metal has gotten me through all of it. I now know what to do at a gym in my own time without hopping from machine to machine. I’m not where I want to be but I know I’ll get there. I can’t thank Bob enough because I set goals for my wedding and achieved them. I was proud of my arms in my wedding dress which was a big deal to me. Bob also got me through my pregnancy all the way to 39 weeks. There were mornings I didn’t want to go but I got up, got dressed and went anyways. It ended up turning my mood around from 36-39 weeks after my workouts. I was able to have my daughter naturally within 3 and a half hours of being induced. My body did exactly what it was supposed to. I also didn’t gain ANY baby weight which I’m also proud of all thanks to Bob and heavy metal fitness. Next step, GET MY CORE BACK!! 💙🤘💪 Heavy Metal has changed my life forever.”

Jen H.

“Absolutely love Tracy and Bob! I’ve been dealing with some health issues over the past year and Tracy has been so very supportive and motivating through it all!”

Laura M.

“Trainer Bob is exactly what you are looking for in a personal trainer. He’s fun, professional, on time, and super knowledgeable. His customer service and follow up is great. I can’t recommend him enough.” 🤘 

Karl S.

“Simply awesome! Tracy and Bob are good down to earth people. At first wasn’t sure I’d like it but Tracy rocks training with wife and I, makes it fun – 10 stars!”

Laura A.


“No matter your health, age or fitness level, Tracy and Bob can build the perfect workout for you!

I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and cranky knees, which means I can only push myself and my joints so far before I’m exhausted, dizzy or in pain. Tracy makes sure to check in with me constantly during our one on one training session each week about my form and pace, how I’m feeling, if my heart rate is too high, if anything is becoming painful, etc. and makes adjustments as needed to accommodate me.

Since I come in once a week, we also chat about food and plans for movement and stretching throughout the week ahead that are personalized to me at that moment.

If you’re on the fence about spending the money, I say spend it. Investing in your health should be priority number one, especially with trainers like Tracy and Bob who really care for their clients.”

John M.

“Great, Fun, Creative, and Knowledgeable! Fitness instruction is thorough and effective! 100 out of 10 stars!!!”

Heidi T.

“Best personal training in NW Indiana!!! Friendly fun knowledgeable trainers!!!”

Pam B.


“Thank You! For taking my daughter on and challenging her to be the best of herself each time she has a session. It’s given her such confidence and was the right thing through her injuries and bad times. Your studio is phenomenal. It’s not just the training; it’s you and Tracy and what you put in for your clients each and every day to make a very positive environment and experience for everyone that is lucky enough to be involved with your business!”



“I am a 52 year old female client of Bob Kaczmarczyk. I was having some serious health issues when I knew I needed to do something drastic. I am very glad I made the change.”

“I would like to state that I have a very serious trainer who also cares about his clients. Bob has gone above and beyond what I feel he really needed to as my personal trainer. He also takes everything very seriously about his client’s health. He always wants to make sure that you are doing what you need to do even when you are not training. He always wants to know how his clients are doing and make sure they are eating and training properly. I feel he really cares about people and makes your time exercising enjoyable. He always makes sure you are doing all exercises properly and makes sure he corrects you right away if you are not.
He knows I had trouble with my blood pressure and always makes time to make sure that my blood pressure is heading in the right direction. I also feel Bob is always watching his clients to make sure we are not overdoing anything. All in all I honestly feel Bob is a great personal trainer!  I feel with Bob’s help I am turning my life around and becoming very healthy. In fact I have had several doctors tell me I am healthy now. I just want to say Thanks to Bob for making my life a healthier one.”

Kim S.

“Don’t be fooled by Bob’s boyish good looks and dazzling smile – he is evil and I mean that in the best way possible! He is extremely knowledgeable in and enthusiastic about all levels of fitness & nutrition. Bob will encourage and challenge you mentally, emotionally, and physically with each individualized session.”

“If you’re serious about getting into the best shape of your life, inside and out, and actually want to enjoy (and look forward to) the pain and suffering of reaching those goals, (you’ll be hooked from the first session) then Bob is your man.”

Kay F.


Kay is one of the region’s star high school swimmers. “I was first introduced to Bob through the Munster Swim Club. When I decided I needed more weight training to further my swimming, I chose to come to Heavy Metal Fitness. My top fitness goal was to become stronger so that I can swim faster. Bob has come up with a schedule tailored to helping me strengthen my legs and shoulders. We target the muscles that are necessary for swimming. My experience at Heavy Metal Fitness has been excellent. The environment is great and I have seen great improvement in my fitness level.”

The Lewis Family

“We like their attitude. Bob is very encouraging. He is knowledgeable and helpful. He makes workouts fun! We look forward to seeing Bob once a week. Heavy Metal Fitness is a great place to work on fitness goals of any level.”

Jill B.

“Thank you so much for being an awesome training guide for me! Great place to train – very knowledgeable and helpful! Highly recommend!”

Lynda N.

“I just wanted to let you know that I really do love your flexibility class. It is so good! Every time you have us close our eyes and think of something I always promise myself to stay committed to my health. I will definitely come back.”

Jaclyn B.


“Tracy and Bob are incredible. At age 55, I’m a fitness challenge. They have conquered that challenge, and I’ve never felt this good and strong. This is a heavy recommendation. I chose Heavy Metal Fitness because I wanted an environment that was unique to the cookie-cutter chain fitness centers. My first conversation with Bob convinced me that their approach would be based on my specific needs.”

“My top fitness goals are to become stronger and more physically fit. As I have several physical ailments (knees, elbows, etc.), my trainer, Tracy, is helping me achieve this goal by constantly adapting our training sessions to work around these problems while still challenging my body to get a good workout. Tracy gives helpful ideas to me for exercises to do outside of our training sessions which have been very beneficial.”

“Going to Heavy Metal Fitness is truly fun! The trainers are friendly, encouraging, helpful, and positive. Looking forward to a sometimes difficult training session is hard to believe, but it’s true. Heavy Metal Fitness is a great place to go no matter your fitness level. A person can go there without feeling guilty or uncomfortable about their body which is the perfect environment to make physical improvement. After going to Heavy Metal Fitness for over a year, the training sessions continue to change and evolve which makes the hard work challenging and fun.”

Amber O.

“Bob is an excellent trainer that switches up workouts so you don’t get bored. He gives you advice about healthy eating. He has a positive attitude that is fun to be around. My entire family enjoys working out with him!”

Heather V.

“My husband and I feel great since going to Heavy Metal Fitness. Bob has been our trainer for six years. We have now participated in Bootcamp and Stretching in addition to our bi-weekly work outs. Bob and Tracy make an awesome team; they excel in all they do. Keep up the good work!”

Mary Ann A.


“A great place with a great trainer. It’s where ‘magic’ happens.”

“Those of you who know me well, know my story. I was large, I ate junk, and I hated each morning I woke up feeling like crap. So I decided to take control. I have reached many of my goals on my own, but I still am a work in progress. I started working out with Bob. I also do yoga on a daily basis and take classes when the time allows. This combination has taken me to a level I never imagined. They help me remind myself of my focus. I do love working out and I do love feeling sooooo much better each day.”

“I have to say that without my trainer, Bob, I know I would not have reached this fitness level. I tell him all the time how magical I think he is. I don’t know if he fully understands how grateful I am to workout with him. He has to deal with my wimpy days, my whiny days, my craziness, and my emotional highs and lows. He always has a positive attitude and keeps me wanting more. That is not an easy job and I will forever be thankful for having met him. So I hope for those of you who struggle and want change, that I inspire you to just do it, one day at a time.”

Maria A.

“Bob is awesome! Patient, encouraging & crazy knowledgeable!!!”

Allyson S.

“Bob is very a knowledgeable and professional trainer. He trains each person according to their goals and fitness level. The facilities at Heavy Metal Fitness are incredible and the music is outstanding.  Can’t wait to work out at Heavy Metal Fitness again!”

Kathy S.


“Bob has been my trainer for nearly 6 years. He is the best. Works within your physical constraints. My bad back is now strong and I have very few issues with it. Thank you Bob for believing in me when I didn’t! Life is great!”

“Working with Bob has been the healthiest choice I have made in a long time. Overweight, out of shape, bad back, and poor eating habits caused a steady decline in my health. Since I’ve started, the change is dramatic. Bob created my personal workouts keeping in mind my limitations. He is supportive, motivating, energetic, and he genuinely cares for his clients and their success.”

“Instead of the dread that comes along with some exercise programs, I look forward to my time with Bob. What I’ve gained by coming to him is strength, endurance, pride, friends, hope, happiness, energy, so on, and so on… What I’ve lost is 35lbs, blood pressure, and cholesterol by 40 points. My health is now a priority for me. I cannot find words to express all the gratitude I feel, so all I can say is thank you!”

Beth W.


“If you want a great work out and have fun at the same time Bob is the perfect trainer. He also is a great person to discuss diet and nutrition. He is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares. My friends and I do a group workout twice a week and even though he kicks our tushes we wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“My daughter Megan has been with Bob for 3 years. She went from a scrawny long-limbed runner to a strong healthy athlete. Megan began working with Bob during cross country season the summer before eight grade. Megan had begun the dreaded middle school growth spurt and had loose joints, poor eating habits and her timing was all off in all her sports. Bob continues to give Megan the motivation, knowledge and friendship to help her work to her goals. The strides Megan has made in the last few years are a result of hard work and education she has received from Bob. We have seen the difference in her eating habits and the drive and focus she has set for herself in her workouts. We have complete faith that Bob will continue to help Megan to achieve whatever goals she sets for herself.”

Mike B.

“Trainer Bob rocks. Bob and team bring so much to the table: Fitness, Nutrition, and an authentic, fun attitude that’ll have you smiling… well, at least between sets.”


Shawna P.

“Our group workout definitely ROCKED THE ROPES!!! Mondays & Thurs are the best days of the week..🏋

Rebecca A.

“Bob is such an inspiring and motivating trainer! He is very informative, encouraging, and uplifting. I have fun training with Bob, and he makes sure that I am challenged, which is exactly what I need. 

Sherrie G.

“I’ve been working with Bob for over 2 years. He’s pushed me beyond what I thought I could do, he makes working out fun! If you want a trainer that cares and rocks, this is the place to be!”

Caitlin M.

“Love this place! My mom and I go once a week and I go to bootcamp twice a week. I am so much stronger now! Plus, Bob’s energetic, upbeat attitude will actually leave you smiling even after he makes you do mountain climbers!”

Laura M.

“I cannot say enough great things about this place. Finally a place and a trainer that can keep me focused without the drill sergeant attitude!”

Rebecca N.

“I never thought I would like a personal trainer but Bob is great! In just two weeks, going only once a week, my sister in law and I have noticed a huge change! We aren’t where we want to be and we still make mistakes but it’s a work in progress and we can be honest with Bob about our mistakes! Give him a shot you’ll love him!”

Tim M.

“Really great intense workout. I completely recommend.”

Tasia H.

“I have only been training at Heavy Metal Fitness for 2 weeks now & I love it there. I already notice a difference in my body. Bob is a phenomenal trainer. I would recommend if you are looking for a personal trainer for weight loss, strength training or any type of fitness training – Heavy Metal Fitness is the place to go.”

Lexi L.

“Training with Bob is like training with a majestic unicorn. A unicorn who is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and genuinely cares for his clients. Bob is the absolute coolest, you should exercise with him.”

Ellie M.

“I came in for a training consult and I had such a great time. I’ve been wanting to build upper body strength after having a surgery done on my shoulder a few years ago. Bob ran me through a full circuit that really targeted my arms and shoulders. Not only did he push me, but he made me feel confident and safe while doing so. Not once was I concerned about my previous injury — my body was pushed but NEVER strained.”

“I’m looking forward to coming back for personal training and I highly recommend this place and Bob. He’s knowledgeable, charismatic, and patient. I would give this business a ten out of five if it were possible!”

Jennifer S.

“No better mother/daughter bonding! Along with that comes proof that as we age we need more. Bob and Tracy are the best. Trust me, you will also find yourself saying “is this Bob approved.” Tell him Jennifer and Kristen sent you – invest in yourself no matter your level!”

Marcia W.


“My daughter had spinal fusion surgery (T2-L1) to correct scoliosis. As soon as she was released from the doctor, I started bringing her in to HMF for weekly private sessions. The results have been truly amazing. Highly recommended!”

Collin S.

“Do you ever see a movie and think wow that was the greatest movie of all time? Going here is the same feeling but a little better. I love Bob.”

Bob W.

“The greatest!!!!!”

Sharon K.

“The BEST! I’ve never stuck with any type of exercise as long as I have at HMF! It’s truly the most awesome place to go to get fit/healthy.”

Ronnie D.

“Heavy Metal Fitness has made my life do a full 180° in terms of health and happiness. I am proud to say I can now carry groceries and RUN up the stairs without being out of breath; everyday life gets easier, healthier and more positive when Bob enters your life. TOTALLY RECOMEND 10/10!”

Charlie P.

“This is such a wonderful place and environment. Bob and Tracy are great trainers and even better people. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Truly an awesome metal place!!!!!”

Deb M.

Hi energy level. Good people at heart. Look forward to my visits. 💕 Great workouts with Bob! He keeps me motivated and we genuinely enjoy catching up from our off days! If you are looking for a true partner in fitness, Bob is your guy! 💪🏼

Veronica G.


“I always passed Heavy Metal Fitness running errands never thinking to stop, but I’m finally glad I did. My daughter’s softball travel team had the privilege of training with Bob the entire winter, and I can say that our team is stronger for it. I recently signed up my daughter for one on one personal training as well, and so far it’s been great. Bob is knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and it’s just what my daughter needs in her journey. I can’t wait to see how the training has impacted her skills on the field.”

Cheryl P.


“I have had the pleasure of getting to know Bob because he is the trainer for my middle school aged daughters dance team. At our first meeting, I immediately noticed his energy and vibrant personality. He was genuinely excited to work with these middle school dancers and knew just how far to push them. Bob is very knowledgeable and loves educating his clients which I believe is a very important aspect of training! He is great with all ages and is committed to his clients goals.”

“Being a member on the elite Wilbur Wright Dance Team comes with high expectations. My daughter is progressing in her turns and toe touch leaps because of the core strength she is developing through Heavy Metal Fitness. The team just had their first competition and was ecstatic when “Bob The Builder” (the nickname they lovingly gave him) came to see them dance. They took 1st place in Jazz and Pom. Since that competition, Bob has been also doing education with them on injury prevention! We didn’t even ask for this. He instinctively felt the need to take some time during a training session talk about staying injury free! I feel so fortunate to have Bob working with my younger daughter and excited to soon have him work with my older daughter as well!”

Sue B.


“I’m so grateful for the experience our girls softball team had working with Bob and Heavy Metal Fitness. He did a great job working with the girls and teaching them about the importance of fitness and proper nutrition. I highly recommend checking out this facility.”

Chris B.


“Our Illinois Fire 14U Softball team had the pleasure of working with Bob throughout the winter. Right from the start, we could tell that this was going to be a productive experience for our girls. We knew Bob was very knowledgeable about physical fitness, but it is his passion for this stuff that really sets his programs apart from others. Our girls have benefited from these short, few months of working with Bob. Despite their sore muscles, they are better athletes now than they were a few months ago. They are smarter about their bodies and what they are eating. I knew we were on the right track when after the first session, one of my girls (who participated in conditioning programs with us for the last 2 years) – asked if we could come back to Heavy Metal Fitness next year….Thanks Bob and HMF! Looking forward to the next time!”

Lori R.


“We live over an hour away and was very skeptical about putting our son with another personal trainer. My son is a high school football player. By his second session, him and Bob were like brothers lol! Cracks me up. We can’t speak highly enough of this man. If you have an athlete, send them to Bob.”

Bryce M.

“So perfect!”

Cary G.

“Great High Intensity/Metabolic ‘whole body’ workouts!!”

Adriane B.

“Even though the workouts are hard, they’re incredibly fun! Always the best at Heavy Metal Fitness!”

Sandy D.


“I feel so fortunate to have met Bob. I was in a car accident and having terrible back issues. I was under the care of a pain management specialist and still not getting much relief. I decided to start training with Bob to build my core strength. I can’t believe how much better I am feeling. I used to have consistent back pain and now I only have a bad day here and there and no longer use pain medication on a regular basis.”

“I started because of my back issues but I continue training because I am amazed at how far I have come and how much my body has changed. I didn’t go into this to lose weight or get a toned body. I just wanted to feel better. The bonus is… I have lost weight…lost inches and I really enjoy getting these weekly workouts in. I love that Bob is always there for you, listens to your concerns and always has great motivating suggestions. He always has a great variety of workouts and his quick wit will keep you on your toes.”


“At age 55, I was having difficulty just getting out of my car and would use the door to pull myself up to get out. I knew I had to do something. I never thought I would have a personal trainer. But then I met Bob. I thought I would last 6 months. Bob’s style of training was perfect for me; he is very professional and challenges you, but makes his sessions so fun, even through the pain, that I have been training for 4 years. I have trained through back pain, plantar fasciitis, and neck pain. He knows the musculoskeletal system and tailors the workout to fix those issues but not exacerbate the pain. After 4 years of training with Bob, I have lost 15 pounds and feel better than I’ve felt in the last 20 years. My goals of losing weight and being able to move without pain have been met, but I will continue to train because I want to stay healthy.”



“Attention all you seniors! ‘Training’ is not for just the youngsters out there. I started training with Bob nearly 5 years ago because I wanted to gain more upper body strength, keep good balance and keep my blood pressure and cholesterol readings at a place where I would not need any medications. My training with Bob has not only accomplished all these things, I have also lost nearly 25 pounds in the process. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are that of a person in their 20’s (without medication)! I am 65 years old and counting! I will continue to train with Bob — he knows my ‘strengths’ and continues to challenge me — I don’t know where he thinks up some of these circuits! Feeling and looking better all the time — how could that not be worth it?”

Britt B.

“With Bob it’s more than just a workout. He explains exactly what each exercise is doing for my body and why I need it. His nutrition counseling makes me excited to find foods that are worthy without ever having to ‘diet’. For years I would intermittently workout and fad diet without any lasting results; Bob changed all of that for me. My body is stronger and healthier than it has ever been. Thank you, Bob!!”



“Bob has helped our grade school age group and high school senior swim club teams to become better and especially with our top age groupers, I have seen a BIG difference in the little things in the water like core strength, streamlines off walls, and kicking! Great addition to our coaching staff at MSC.”

Nicole C.

“I’ve been training with Bob for just over a year. Before I started with him, I assumed a lot of typical ‘work outs’ wouldn’t suit me well because of previous injuries. I was a treadmill walking, elliptical running, machine using junkie… When I did go to the gym. With Bob’s help, he showed me correct form and I was able to do those work outs (and more..!!) that I didn’t think I could do. He truly knows how to mold a work out for each individual person and motivates us to live a healthier lifestyle. Thanks for everything, Bob!!!!”


“I have been training with Bob for about a year. He pushes me and knows how to push me to my maximum effort. I have gotten stronger which has improved my tennis game. I look forward to every workout.”


“I really enjoy working with Bob because he motivates me and make me stronger. Bob always makes things fun even when working out. He also helped me fix my hip problem. Bob is an amazing personal trainer!”

Jan S.


“I went to a personal trainer to improve my bone density. The Dr. wanted me to go on medication for osteopenia but I didn’t want to do that. So I started lifting weights. In the past whenever I tried to lift weights on my own I would hurt myself. I thought I’d try a personal trainer.”

“Bob is my savior. I have been able to stay off medication and my bone density has remained stable. Bob knows just how much to push me for the best results without injury. This past summer I broke my ankle while hiking and he was still able to work around that injury and continue with my workouts. Bob always varies the workout and finds a way to make working out fun.”



“I am a student athlete. I train to benefit my skills in the sport that I love, volleyball. Before I started training with Bob, I was training with another trainer. I loved the trainer and it was hard for me to leave. My sister trained with Bob and absolutely loved him. When I started training with Bob, he asked me what I wanted to improve on and I told him my vertical. However, as I proceeded into his program, I started noticing benefits in other aspects of how I played.”

“I am not lying when I say that Bob is the best trainer that I have ever had. The training sessions were super beneficial and helped me improve my game. If you’re willing to improve in sports and/or lose weight than Bob is your trainer. On top of improving my game, Bob and I met on a social level and that helped the workouts go smoothly. Working out with Bob has improved my skills and I also made a good friend.”



“My son Alex, an active, multi-sport athlete, began training with Bob several years ago to help his body transition from a kid’s to a young man’s. We wanted to reduce the risk of injury, build strength and overall good health. Bob works Alex hard and challenges him physically. Alex described his workouts with Bob as ‘awesome and intense’.”

“The results speak to the high level of success Alex has achieved with Bob….Alex is strong, fast and fit. He plays multiple high school sports and travel baseball. Beyond the exercise, Bob is a role model to Alex. They bond over their mutual enjoyment of movies, video games and paintballing. The investment and commitment we made with Bob is one the best decisions we made for Alex.”



“My track/cross country coach had asked me to go to a ‘buddy workout session’ with her trainer one day. I had never been to a trainer before so I was kind of nervous. The first day I trained with Bob, I thought it was easy, although I soon realized that easy was no longer the word to describe the workouts.”

“As the workouts progressed, they got more and more challenging. Bob also asked me, when we started having more sessions, if I had any specific goals or areas I wanted to get stronger in. I told him that I wanted to work on my endurance for running and my jumping ability and speed for basketball. As my cross country season came to an end, I started feeling a lot less tired during my meets and practices.  During my basketball season, I was more conditioned and I could jump a lot higher to get rebounds.”

“However, it was this track season that I noticed the biggest change. My past two seasons for track, I came into the season adding time to all of my events. I am now improving my times more and more every day. Training with Bob has helped me even beyond my expectations. Having accomplished the goals I had set, I can now work hard to accomplishing new goals. Bob isn’t only my trainer; he is a new friend I am glad to have.”


“I have trained with Bob for a few years. He pushes me to be the best I can be. He is always challenging me. I especially enjoy boxing with him as it requires strength and endurance. Thanks Bob for making it fun to work out!”


“I am a high school dancer and had back issues. Bob corrected them by strengthening my back so I can dance for hours with no pain. I could not have gone on to be the state champion without him.”

Stuart & Nancy F.

“As much as we tease Bob about how hard he makes us work, he does it all with a smile, good humor, and an eye for our good health and well-being. We feel stronger and better than ever thanks to Bob!”

Bill S.


“I walked into age 30 at the heaviest I’ve ever been, and with the help of Bob Kaczmarczyk – I will now leave age 30 the healthiest and skinniest I’ve been in over 12 years. With over 100lbs of weight lost, 8 pants sizes down, 2 shirt sizes down, 5 neck sizes down, and even skinnier feet – I am not done yet, but I now have the best years of my life ahead.”

Ashley K.


“I really enjoy working with Bob personally and with my middle school dance team. He is committed to training and pushing his clients. He focuses in on strengths and weakness of the individual or group and models his workout to meet those needs.”

“Bob is a personable, energetic training machine! My team enjoys working with Bob, but they also enjoy seeing him leave after they have struggled through a good work out with him as their leader!”

Jelena G.

“Bob helps me strive to be as physically fit as I can be. He supports me when I am working towards my goals whether it be weight loss or training goals when I am working towards a specific race for swimming and running.
He also has given me opportunities to train with others in small groups which helps with motivation and has helped me work with the athletes that I coach, always being positive and motivating!”


“Bob’s training is excellent, fun and results driven. Since I’ve started I’ve lost 12 pounds & 6% of body fat. I really can’t say enough positive things about Bob.”