Youth Bootcamp

Welcome to the Moshpit…Youth Bootcamp Classes at HMF

General Fitness Training for Young Rockstars

Mondays & Thursdays at 10am, June 5th through August 3rd

NO CLASS ON July 3rd or July 17th

Welcome to the moshpit! Our youth bootcamp classes are 30 minute group workouts centered around general fitness – strength, endurance, cardio, and core – aimed towards the unique fitness needs of teenagers & student athletes in 8th grade through college. Bootcamp is a great supplement to personal training. All experience levels are welcome, plus the workouts can be as tough as the effort you put into them. The boot camps may not work well for kids with more serious health concerns. Classes will regularly be at 10am Mondays & Thursdays. Cost for the boot camp pass will be $150 per person, which will cover all summer sessions. Passes will allow you to come to as many sessions as you’d like both days. Anyone can also just do a single drop in class anytime for $15. Let’s do this!

$150: Buy The Summer Youth Class Pass »

The Summer Youth Class Pass entitles you to all classes June 5th – August 3rd. Credit will not be given for missed classes.

$15: Book A Single Class »

Want to check out a class or two? Purchase a single drop-in session for $15. Book and pay online.