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Bob Kaczmarczyk

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Heavy Metal Fitness is growing! In January, we added over 700 square feet of space to our existing facility. We now have an additional private room for training and workouts, plus some cool new equipment. Trainer Tracy has taken on a full time role so we can offer you more scheduling selection. Check out what we’ve got to offer!


What are you waiting for? Personal Fitness Training Can Change Your
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Personal Training is a comprehensive, one-on-one fitness solution. Why choose personal training with us? Because you’re ready for a better you. Because you want to take more responsibility for your world. Because we can help you break the barriers on what you want to accomplish.

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Heavy Metal Fitness – Personal Training That Rocks

Hello, My name is
I’m A Personal Trainer.

I’m here to rock your world.

I founded Heavy Metal Fitness because I want to help you change your life, become healthy, and achieve the best YOU possible. It’s going to take some work, a little sweat, and a lot of determination, but our trainers can guide you through it. Let’s work together!


Personal Training

One-on-one private workout sessions professionally designed around YOUR specific goals. Small group fitness sessions (2-3 people) are also available. The workouts are intense, but made to work at your own fitness level and safety concerns, keeping in mind what it will take to progress further.
     A good workout is both exhausting and invigorating, but we strive to make each workout fun. Our clients look forward to each challenging session. Please contact us for more information on personal training and how these sessions can be tailored to best fit your needs!

Weight Management

Losing weight (and keeping the pounds off for good) is harder than you may think to achieve on your own. Whether you are looking to lose body fat or build muscle, you’ll need a progressive program built to maximize your results. Our experience and education will break through your weight loss plateaus and take you to the next level.
     We don’t believe in the latest fad diet, misguided workout trend, or false miracle supplement. We believe in educating our clients with the information and discipline it takes to achieve and maintain results. See our testimonials page for more details on how successful these programs have been!

Health Issues

Good health is key to happiness. We all care about what our bodies look like, but when it comes down to it, our health is the most important factor to strive for.
     We can help with a variety of health issues: high blood pressure (hypertension), cholesterol, diabetes, fibromyalgia, post-rehabilitation, asthma, muscular imbalances, osteoporosis, arthritis, pregnancy, injuries, back pain, and a wide range of special concerns. We have extensive training and credentials in corrective exercises and wellness rehabilitation. There are also many preventative strategies we can offer to stay fit and healthy.

Strength & Mobility Training for Athletes
NWI Swim Lessons
Fitness & Flexibility Training for Cheerleaders & Dancers
Strength & Agility Training for Football
Endurance & Agility Training for Volleyball

Athletic Training & Team Fitness Workouts

All athletes of any age need more than just coaching on how to excel at their favorite sport. They need the physical foundation and confidence necessary to unleash their potential. It’s more than just how much you can bench press, how fast you can run, or how high you can jump. It’s about how your body’s systems work together to achieve the impossible. Our knowledge of human anatomy & movement combined with our experience of how athletes perform in the real world is the change you need.
     We want every athlete we work with to be educated on what a safe and effective physical conditioning program should be about. We will emphasize the form, function, and purpose of each exercise in order minimize the chance of future athletic injury. We want to build up muscle strength, flexibility, joint stability, and cardio-respiratory endurance in order to increase athletic performance. The workouts are more than just generic exercises – our program design is specifically tailored to the physical requirements and unique movements of each sport – swimming, football, dance, volleyball, track, basketball – you name it. Our credential and testimonial pages both offer even more information.

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Serving Highland, Munster, Dyer, Griffith, St. John, Schererville, Merrillville, Hobart, Crown Point, Crete, Lansing and Homewood.


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Heavy Metal Fitness is located on Main Street (just east of the Target off Indianapolis Boulevard) in the Spring Prairie shopping complex. Please contact us for additional information about personal training & private group fitness in Highland, Munster and Northwest Indiana. We’d love to hear from you!

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