Group Training for School Athletics

student athletic team training

We’ve Worked With…

  • Munster High School Varsity & Junior Varsity Dance Teams
  • Wilbur Wright Middle School Dance Team
  • Munster Swim Club
  • Illinois Fire Softball
  • Dyer Warriors Baseball
  • Griffith Panthers Softball
  • Region Rage Softball
  • Lake Central Girl’s Golf Team
  • Munster Bombers Baseball
  • Munster Cheer

Athletic Training & Team Fitness

Performance Enhancement For Student Athletes

Heavy Metal Fitness offers the most comprehensive group training programs for local youth sports teams.  We work with elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as college teams.  All athletes of any age need more than just coaching on how to excel at their favorite sport – they need the physical foundation and confidence necessary to unleash their potential. It’s more than just how much you can bench press, how fast you can run, or how high you can jump. It’s about how your body’s systems work together to achieve the impossible. Our knowledge of human anatomy & movement combined with our experience of how athletes perform in the real world is the change you need.

We want every athlete we work with to be educated on what a safe and effective physical conditioning program should be about. We will emphasize the form, function, and purpose of each exercise in order minimize the chance of future athletic injury. We want to build up muscle strength, flexibility, joint stability, and cardio-respiratory endurance in order to increase athletic performance. The workouts are more than just generic exercises – our program design is specifically tailored to the physical requirements and unique movements of each sport – swimming, cross country, football, dance, volleyball, track, basketball, baseball, softball – you name it. Our credential and testimonial pages both offer even more information.


When you’re here, the studio space is YOURS. You are not sharing it with anyone else except your team. You don’t have to wait for equipment or listen to someone else’s music.


A certified personal trainer will be with you during your entire session to guide you through workouts, correct form, and provide extra motivation and attention.


We believe in positive strength and empowerment. Our goal is to lift you up – not tear you down with negativity or drill sergeant attitude. Life’s too short.

Veronica G.


“I always passed Heavy Metal Fitness running errands never thinking to stop, but I’m finally glad I did. My daughter’s softball travel team had the privilege of training with Bob the entire winter, and I can say that our team is stronger for it. I recently signed up my daughter for one on one personal training as well, and so far it’s been great. Bob is knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and it’s just what my daughter needs in her journey. I can’t wait to see how the training has impacted her skills on the field.”

Cheryl P.


“I have had the pleasure of getting to know Bob because he is the trainer for my middle school aged daughters dance team. At our first meeting, I immediately noticed his energy and vibrant personality. He was genuinely excited to work with these middle school dancers and knew just how far to push them. Bob is very knowledgeable and loves educating his clients which I believe is a very important aspect of training! He is great with all ages and is committed to his clients goals.”

“Being a member on the elite Wilbur Wright Dance Team comes with high expectations. My daughter is progressing in her turns and toe touch leaps because of the core strength she is developing through Heavy Metal Fitness. The team just had their first competition and was ecstatic when “Bob The Builder” (the nickname they lovingly gave him) came to see them dance. They took 1st place in Jazz and Pom. Since that competition, Bob has been also doing education with them on injury prevention! We didn’t even ask for this. He instinctively felt the need to take some time during a training session talk about staying injury free! I feel so fortunate to have Bob working with my younger daughter and excited to soon have him work with my older daughter as well!”

Sue B.


“I’m so grateful for the experience our girls softball team had working with Bob and Heavy Metal Fitness. He did a great job working with the girls and teaching them about the importance of fitness and proper nutrition. I highly recommend checking out this facility.”

Chris B.


“Our Illinois Fire 14U Softball team had the pleasure of working with Bob throughout the winter. Right from the start, we could tell that this was going to be a productive experience for our girls. We knew Bob was very knowledgeable about physical fitness, but it is his passion for this stuff that really sets his programs apart from others. Our girls have benefited from these short, few months of working with Bob. Despite their sore muscles, they are better athletes now than they were a few months ago. They are smarter about their bodies and what they are eating. I knew we were on the right track when after the first session, one of my girls (who participated in conditioning programs with us for the last 2 years) – asked if we could come back to Heavy Metal Fitness next year….Thanks Bob and HMF! Looking forward to the next time!”

Lori R.


“We live over an hour away and was very skeptical about putting our son with another personal trainer. My son is a high school football player. By his second session, him and Bob were like brothers lol! Cracks me up. We can’t speak highly enough of this man. If you have an athlete, send them to Bob.”



“Bob has helped our grade school age group and high school senior swim club teams to become better and especially with our top age groupers, I have seen a BIG difference in the little things in the water like core strength, streamlines off walls, and kicking! Great addition to our coaching staff at MSC.”



“I am a student athlete. I train to benefit my skills in the sport that I love, volleyball. Before I started training with Bob, I was training with another trainer. I loved the trainer and it was hard for me to leave. My sister trained with Bob and absolutely loved him. When I started training with Bob, he asked me what I wanted to improve on and I told him my vertical. However, as I proceeded into his program, I started noticing benefits in other aspects of how I played.”

“I am not lying when I say that Bob is the best trainer that I have ever had. The training sessions were super beneficial and helped me improve my game. If you’re willing to improve in sports and/or lose weight than Bob is your trainer. On top of improving my game, Bob and I met on a social level and that helped the workouts go smoothly. Working out with Bob has improved my skills and I also made a good friend.”



“My track/cross country coach had asked me to go to a ‘buddy workout session’ with her trainer one day. I had never been to a trainer before so I was kind of nervous. The first day I trained with Bob, I thought it was easy, although I soon realized that easy was no longer the word to describe the workouts.”

“As the workouts progressed, they got more and more challenging. Bob also asked me, when we started having more sessions, if I had any specific goals or areas I wanted to get stronger in. I told him that I wanted to work on my endurance for running and my jumping ability and speed for basketball. As my cross country season came to an end, I started feeling a lot less tired during my meets and practices.  During my basketball season, I was more conditioned and I could jump a lot higher to get rebounds.”

“However, it was this track season that I noticed the biggest change. My past two seasons for track, I came into the season adding time to all of my events. I am now improving my times more and more every day. Training with Bob has helped me even beyond my expectations. Having accomplished the goals I had set, I can now work hard to accomplishing new goals. Bob isn’t only my trainer; he is a new friend I am glad to have.”

Ashley K.


“I really enjoy working with Bob personally and with my middle school dance team. He is committed to training and pushing his clients. He focuses in on strengths and weakness of the individual or group and models his workout to meet those needs.”

“Bob is a personable, energetic training machine! My team enjoys working with Bob, but they also enjoy seeing him leave after they have struggled through a good work out with him as their leader!”