Stretching Classes at HMF


Class Times

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Flexibility classes begin immediately following Bootcamp – class times may vary by a few minutes based on traffic flow in the studio.

Functional Flexibility Training

Unlock your body’s natural range of motion

Functional Flexibility training incorporates basic yoga, pilates & stretching exercises to gently increase the body’s range of motion. We combine awesome music with relaxing stretches to ease tensions, correct imbalances, and have fun. Each 30 minute Flexibility class is designed by Trainer Tracy to add a little zen to your day. Emphasis is placed on opening up common problem areas like tight hamstrings or aching shoulders while maintaining stability. Break through fascial and neuromuscular blocks and build joint strength for flexibility you can use. Your muscles will become longer and stronger, enabling a higher level of performance in everything you do. We also use deep breathing techniques and balance exercises so you can find your happy. All ages and experience levels are welcome. Relax and enjoy yourself!

Are You Ready To Rock?

“I just wanted to let you know that I really do love your flexibility class. It is so good! Every time you have us close our eyes and think of something I always promise myself to stay committed to my health. I will definitely come back.”

– Lynda

“Always a thumbs up at HMF!”

– Adriane