“Simply awesome! Tracy and Bob are good down to earth people. At first wasn’t sure I’d like it but Tracy rocks training with wife and I, makes it fun – 10 stars!”

Karl S.

“Bob is an excellent trainer that switches up workouts so you don’t get bored. He gives you advice about healthy eating. He has a positive attitude that is fun to be around. My entire family enjoys working out with him!”

Amber O.

“My husband and I feel great since going to Heavy Metal Fitness. Bob has been our trainer for six years. We have now participated in Bootcamp and Stretching in addition to our bi-weekly work outs. Bob and Tracy make an awesome team; they excel in all they do. Keep up the good work!”

Heather V.


“If you want a great work out and have fun at the same time Bob is the perfect trainer. He also is a great person to discuss diet and nutrition. He is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares. My friends and I do a group workout twice a week and even though he kicks our tushes we wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“My daughter Megan has been with Bob for 3 years. She went from a scrawny long-limbed runner to a strong healthy athlete. Megan began working with Bob during cross country season the summer before eight grade. Megan had begun the dreaded middle school growth spurt and had loose joints, poor eating habits and her timing was all off in all her sports. Bob continues to give Megan the motivation, knowledge and friendship to help her work to her goals. The strides Megan has made in the last few years are a result of hard work and education she has received from Bob. We have seen the difference in her eating habits and the drive and focus she has set for herself in her workouts. We have complete faith that Bob will continue to help Megan to achieve whatever goals she sets for herself.”

Beth W.

“Love this place! My mom and I go once a week and I go to bootcamp twice a week. I am so much stronger now! Plus, Bob’s energetic, upbeat attitude will actually leave you smiling even after he makes you do mountain climbers!”

Caitlin M.

“No better mother/daughter bonding! Along with that comes proof that as we age we need more. Bob and Tracy are the best. Trust me, you will also find yourself saying “is this Bob approved.” Tell him Jennifer and Kristen sent you – invest in yourself no matter your level!”

Jennifer S.

“Bob helps me strive to be as physically fit as I can be. He supports me when I am working towards my goals whether it be weight loss or training goals when I am working towards a specific race for swimming and running.
He also has given me opportunities to train with others in small groups which helps with motivation and has helped me work with the athletes that I coach, always being positive and motivating!”

Jelena G.