National Academy of Sports Medicine

Physique enhancement is a common goal shared by many; however, the reasons for which it is pursued are as unique and varied as the people who pursue it. Some enhance their physiques as one component of an overall health and fitness plan, some view it as an artform and their body as sculpture, others pursue it as sport and actively compete in bodybuilding, while some just want to look better naked. As a certified Physique and Bodybuilding Coach (PBC), Trainer Bob can support clients seeking physique enhancement. He is educated on the motivations behind goals (competitive or otherwise), the risks of pursuing them, and how to troubleshoot and adjust using evidence-based practice. As a PBC, he can help clients understand the origins of physique sport, the associated motivations for physique enhancement, the modern state of competitive physique sport, how physique enhancement differs from other fitness pursuits, the risks inherent to competitive and non-competitive physique enhancement, and the best framework to help you create individualized plans for success!