“I have had the pleasure of getting to know Bob because he is the trainer for my middle school aged daughters dance team. At our first meeting, I immediately noticed his energy and vibrant personality. He was genuinely excited to work with these middle school dancers and knew just how far to push them. Bob is very knowledgeable and loves educating his clients which I believe is a very important aspect of training! He is great with all ages and is committed to his clients goals.”

“Being a member on the elite Wilbur Wright Dance Team comes with high expectations. My daughter is progressing in her turns and toe touch leaps because of the core strength she is developing through Heavy Metal Fitness. The team just had their first competition and was ecstatic when “Bob The Builder” (the nickname they lovingly gave him) came to see them dance. They took 1st place in Jazz and Pom. Since that competition, Bob has been also doing education with them on injury prevention! We didn’t even ask for this. He instinctively felt the need to take some time during a training session talk about staying injury free! I feel so fortunate to have Bob working with my younger daughter and excited to soon have him work with my older daughter as well!”