“I reached my maximum weight of 285lbs in the late 90’s and decided to start dieting and exercising. I did it the wrong way and starved myself – only eating salads and skipping both breakfast and dinner. I joined a gym and worked out with a co-worker several times a week. Though I did lose over 100 pounds over a year’s time, it didn’t last. I slowly went back to my old ways and gained most of the weight back. In 2006 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and put on medication. In 2010 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I didn’t want to take more pills, but eventually needed additional medication, even with some dieting and exercise. Things stalled until I moved to Indiana in 2016 and started at the best studio in the world, Heavy Metal Fitness! Unhealthy habits of the past caught up with me though, and I had a heart attack this past March due to 100% blockage of the LAD artery and 99% blockage of the RCA artery requiring 3 stents. (All that time I thought I had bad heartburn.) Now thanks to my doctors and training with Bob & Larry, I’m on the mend and have reached a weight below 200lbs that I haven’t done in decades!”