“At age 55, I was having difficulty just getting out of my car and would use the door to pull myself up to get out. I knew I had to do something. I never thought I would have a personal trainer. But then I met Bob. I thought I would last 6 months. Bob’s style of training was perfect for me; he is very professional and challenges you, but makes his sessions so fun, even through the pain, that I have been training for 4 years. I have trained through back pain, plantar fasciitis, and neck pain. He knows the musculoskeletal system and tailors the workout to fix those issues but not exacerbate the pain. After 4 years of training with Bob, I have lost 15 pounds and feel better than I’ve felt in the last 20 years. My goals of losing weight and being able to move without pain have been met, but I will continue to train because I want to stay healthy.”