Let’s talk about MINDSET and how putting a positive spin on things can change your perception of events. Yesterday was one of those kinds of days. It was so very Monday for me. A series of small, insignificant blunders and mishaps could have sent me off on a spiral of negativity and self-doubt. But the sun was shining, and I thought perhaps I should REFRAME how I was viewing these errors. Yesterday I had to:

reframe the mindset

  • Understand the difference between a non-realistic goal I set (and failed to achieve) and the more realistic version of that goal that would have avoided unnecessary frustration.
  • Turn a work rejection into an opportunity to learn how to grow and improve my skills.
  • Take advantage of the awesomely strong things my body CAN do instead of focusing on what it CAN’T do (or rather…can’t YET do).
  • Set aside the negative thoughts I *thought* someone was thinking in order to understand what they were *actually* saying.
  • Forgive myself for an occasional organizational error (I am human, after all) and learn how to better streamline my to-do list.

Yup, all that in one day. 😉 So I ask you: what has happened today that YOU can reframe? How are you going to learn from it? How are you going to improve the same situation the next time it happens?