Maintaining a nutritious routine while dealing with a busy lifestyle can be a struggle. Sometimes we have to find ways that work specifically for us as individuals. Here’s a personal example of a nutrition hack that works well for ME: the way I store my smoothies.

I like to batch prep smoothies in advance and freeze them. Trainer Bob is a fan of the giant smoothie containers with the big round mouths. I just can’t eat that much smoothie that quickly, and to be quite honest, I am grossed out by the openings of traditional smoothie jars. I stopped making my own for a long time until I decided to get my own containers. Smaller freezable containers keep me on track but also minimize waste and maximize my efficiency in the kitchen. I bought 12 ounce juice bottles that can be frozen. They are square shaped and stack well. They’re the perfect snack size, I can use a straw with them, and I don’t lose them in the freezer. No more excess or throwing away half-finished smoothies – just the perfect portion size every time.

Batch prepping and freezing smoothies has been a game-changer for me. Having these nutritious snacks ready to go in my freezer not only saves time but also ensures that I always have a healthy option readily available. Convenience meets health!

This is an example of something that works for ME – finding your own shortcuts is key. What works for me might not be a one-size-fits-all solution, but the concept is adaptable. It’s all about making healthy choices enjoyable and sustainable in the long run.