What if you focused on all you can ADD to your diet?

Instead of fixating on everything you think you have to remove from your new year’s diet resolutions/fitness plan/new health goal, what if you focused on everything you can ADD? Add water. Add veggies. Add more protein to each meal. Add some fresh air to your day. Add a few extra steps in the parking lot. Focusing on addition, not subtraction, can lead to a more positive mindset, better adherence, and ultimately better fitness & health results.

Subtraction will limit your choices, but focusing on addition opens up a world of possibilities. Embrace an abundance of nutritious foods, adding variety and flavor to your plate. Instead of restricting, think about adding nutrient-dense options that fuel your body and enhance overall well-being. Shift your perspective from subtracting indulgences to adding positive habits, making your journey towards a healthier lifestyle both enjoyable and sustainable.