You messed up…
now what?

It’s the first weekend of the New Me, New Diet/Fitness Plan/Lifestyle….and Saturday night didn’t go as planned. OOPS. You made a little detour for a meal or two. Some of you might be tempted to say “F this diet, I quit!” And some of you might consider sacrificing the whole weekend because of one small speed bump….”I’ll get back to it on Monday…..” Sound familiar?

Good news: your diet isn’t ruined; your new year’s resolutions are not a lost cause; you don’t have to start from the very beginning of your fitness plan again. But you do have to get back on track NOW and not some distant time in the future. Life happens, and you’re not letting a small slip-up throw you off course. Time to shake it off, refocus, and get back to it. Remember, it’s not about the stumble; it’s about the recovery.

★ Stay Positive: One day doesn’t define your progress.

★ Reflect, Don’t Dwell: Reflect on what caused the stall without beating yourself up. Learn from it, adjust, and move forward.

★ Oops Days: There will always be oops days. How will you deal with them next time?