As promised…..It’s time for Part Two of our at-home Stair workouts! You only need Yourself and a staircase. Part Two covers some slightly more advanced exercises than Part One. You don’t necessarily need a full flight of stairs, but a step or two can help you customize the perfect height for each exercise. Feel free to up the challenge by adding in some dumbbells and playing with the tempo of your reps. Perform each set twice, resting 0-30 seconds between exercises. Complete all exercises in the set before repeating. ROCK ON!

WARM-UP, 2x:

Every Other Stair Climb –
30 seconds
You can always switch to single stair if you need.

Side Shuffle –
30 seconds
Watch your footing.

SET 1, 2x:

Decline Pushup –
10 reps
It’s especially important to keep that core braced and elbows tucked! Play with your foot elevation but don’t press your feet back into the stair wall.

Squat Jumps –
45 seconds
Soften and control your landing. Even though you’re on stairs, load the heels not the toes. Pay extra attention to your body’s position on landing – do not lean backward if you are jumping up stairs!

SET 2, 2x:

Climbing Plank –
30-45 seconds
Keep your core braced and switch up which hand leads.

Single Leg Squats –
10 reps each side
Keep the weight through your heel, don’t rest at the bottom, and go nice and slow for a good glute burn. Try not to let your lower leg touch the stair.

SET 3, 2x:

Fast Stair Taps –
30 seconds
Keep your torso upright and your feet moving!

Burpees –
30 seconds AFAP
Jump out to a solid plank and try to get low into your squats. You can always modify to a walkout instead of a jump.

SET 4, 2x:

Elevated Side Lunges –
12 reps each side
Make sure toes are forward and weight is in the heel.


Spine & Glute Stretch –
5 reps each
Flow back and forth between the two, holding for a few seconds. Then switch to a pigeon pose, holding each side for 20 seconds.

These are stairs, people, so be careful as always. Please make sure you follow the cues and directions and always be mindful of any medical restrictions you may have. Listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel safe, don’t push through.