Hey there rock stars…. I’ve got a two part at-home stair workout for you! Part One covers some classic exercises that require bodyweight only and, of course, a staircase. You don’t necessarily need a full flight of stairs, but a step or two can help you customize the perfect height for each exercise. Feel free to up the challenge by adding in some dumbbells and playing with the tempo of your reps. Perform each set twice, resting 0-30 seconds between exercises. Complete all exercises in the set before repeating. Stay tuned for Part Two!

WARM-UP, 2x:

Elevated Glute Bridges –
15 reps
Brief glute squeeze at top

Stair Run –
30 seconds
Try to run a challenging but safe pace.

SET 1, 2x:

Step up to Balance –
15 reps left then 15 reps right
Pick a challenging tempo or stair height, just make sure to soften the landing.

Push ups –
10-12 reps
The stairs might limit your range of motion so pick a challenging stair height. Keep that core braced and elbows tucked!

SET 2, 2x:

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat –
12 reps left then 12 reps right
Make sure your forward foot is grounded through the heel, and try to maximize your range of motion down.

SET 3, 2x:

Tricep Dips –
12-15 reps
Elbows move behind you, fingers face forward, keep your shoulders relaxed.

Mountain Climbers –
30 seconds AFAP
Keep the core engaged and the shoulders over the hands. Pick a stair height that challenges you and provides enough clearance for your knees to move.


Calf Raises –
10 reps
Let your heels hang off the stair and keep one finger on the wall for balance. For a greater challenge, switch to single leg calf raises.

Hip Flexor & Hamstring Stretch –
5 reps each
Flow back and forth between the two, holding for a few seconds.

These are stairs, people, so be careful as always. Please make sure you follow the cues and directions and always be mindful of any medical restrictions you may have. Listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel safe, don’t push through.