“I reached my maximum weight of 285lbs in the late 90’s and decided to start dieting and exercising. I did it the wrong way and starved myself – only eating salads and skipping both breakfast and dinner. I joined a gym and worked out with a co-worker several times a week. Though I did lose over 100 pounds over a year’s time, it didn’t last. I slowly went back to my old ways and gained most of the weight back. In 2006 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and put on medication. In 2010 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I didn’t want to take more pills, but eventually needed additional medication, even with some dieting and exercise. Things stalled until I moved to Indiana in 2016 and started at the best studio in the world, Heavy Metal Fitness! Unhealthy habits of the past caught up with me though, and I had a heart attack this past March due to 100% blockage of the LAD artery and 99% blockage of the RCA artery requiring 3 stents. (All that time I thought I had bad heartburn.) Now thanks to my doctors and training with Bob & Larry, I’m on the mend and have reached a weight below 200lbs that I haven’t done in decades!”
Gary K.

“Thank you Tracy & Bob so very much for the years of knowledge and help that you both have given me. I am feeling prepared to continue my fitness journey, and I am so grateful to have had time with you, my awesome trainers, who I will miss so much at college!”

Lola C.

“Friendly, clean and such fun place to work out! Bob and Tracy are experienced and highly knowledgeable. Have been working out worth them for years and each session rocks! Highly recommend!”

Anna K.

“This fitness studio is awesome! Bob and Tracy are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and it’s clear that they are passionate about helping people. I also love their ‘functional’ approach to fitness. Nothing boring about this place (or the owners!) Highly recommend.”

Joseph P.

“Great Place! Bob is awesome to work with!”

Joe L.

“Bob is great and the atmosphere is awesome.”

Victoria P.

“Bob is amazing! This gym and the program will get you in shape.”

Amir A.


“I’ve always wanted to get in shape. When my sister in law asked me to go with her I was all in. After our first 15 minute trial we were sore for 2 weeks and we were hooked. In just 2 weeks we started seeing muscle definition we didn’t have before. It’s been 2 years now with a wedding and a baby and Heavy Metal has gotten me through all of it. I now know what to do at a gym in my own time without hopping from machine to machine. I’m not where I want to be but I know I’ll get there. I can’t thank Bob enough because I set goals for my wedding and achieved them. I was proud of my arms in my wedding dress which was a big deal to me. Bob also got me through my pregnancy all the way to 39 weeks. There were mornings I didn’t want to go but I got up, got dressed and went anyways. It ended up turning my mood around from 36-39 weeks after my workouts. I was able to have my daughter naturally within 3 and a half hours of being induced. My body did exactly what it was supposed to. I also didn’t gain ANY baby weight which I’m also proud of all thanks to Bob and heavy metal fitness. Next step, GET MY CORE BACK!! 💙🤘💪 Heavy Metal has changed my life forever.”

Rachel N.

“Trainer Bob is exactly what you are looking for in a personal trainer. He’s fun, professional, on time, and super knowledgeable. His customer service and follow up is great. I can’t recommend him enough.” 🤘 

Laura M.


“Thank You! For taking my daughter on and challenging her to be the best of herself each time she has a session. It’s given her such confidence and was the right thing through her injuries and bad times. Your studio is phenomenal. It’s not just the training; it’s you and Tracy and what you put in for your clients each and every day to make a very positive environment and experience for everyone that is lucky enough to be involved with your business!”

Pam B.